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Your First Config and Flag

Your first config and flag

config_key = "my-first-int-config"
puts "#{config_key} is: #{Prefab.get(config_key)}"

flag_name = "my-first-feature-flag"
puts "#{flag_name} is: #{Prefab.enabled? flag_name}"

Run these and you should see the following:

my-first-int-config is: 30
my-first-feature-flag is: false

Now create a config named my-first-int-config in the Prefab UI. Set a default value to 50 and sync your change to the API.

Add a feature flag named my-first-feature-flag in the Prefab UI. Add boolean variants of true and false. Set the inactive variant to false, make the flag active and add a rule of type ALWAYS_TRUE with the variant to serve as true. Remember to sync your change to the API.

Run your command again and you should see:

my-first-int-config is: 50
my-first-feature-flag is: true

Congrats! You're ready to rock!